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about me

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28 years old; Birthday : October 24
Lived in Paris since 9 years and spent my childhood in south of France (Hyères)
I have a Bachelor's degree in communication (La Sorbonne) and a master in marketing (INSEEC)
Favorite singer / performer : by far BRITNEY SPEARS
Favorite new artist : LADY GAGA, Ke$ha
Favorite band : Massive Attack, Portishead
Favorite kind of movie : Scary movies like saw, hostel, urban legends, Texas chainsaw massacre
Favorite TV show : The real housewives of Atlanta
Favorite TV show for all the time : Will and Grace
Favorite movie : Basic Instinct
Favorite actresses : Kate Winslet
Favorite actor : Shia Labeouf
Favorite author : Philippe Besson
Favorite gay porn star : Matt Hughes, Julian Vincenzo
Favorite straight porn star : manuel ferrara, Sebastien Barrio, Jean yves lecastel
Favorite sport : Tennis (Novak Djokovic)
Favorite cities : Budapest, Tel-aviv, San Francisco ; but i would love to live in Cambria (California)
Favorite food : of course the french food and italian food
Favorite drinks : dry white wine with ice
My cutest guys are : Gerard Butler, Josh Duhamel and all the eastern european guys

My proverb : less is more

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